Quickmount plowcart
disconnect plow from truck bring the plow to your truck mount plow to truck move plow when off truck
Quick mount plow cart

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Our product line
is compatible with the following manufacturers
in most applications-

Meyer ®
Western ®
Fisher ®
Boss ®
Hiniker ®

Remove snow plows faster and easier using the Quick Mount Plow Cart by All-Type Welding and Fabrication, Inc.

Quick Mount Plow Cart was designed as a great alternative to expensive plow removal systems that do not work on all plows. With the simple T-design and casters, the Quick Mount Plow Cart makes removal and installation of a snow plow easy and effortless. You no longer need to lift, or try to drag around a plow that is in the way. Plus, by being able to remove your plow in minutes, you can save on the life of your trucks by stopping the wear and tear of having a plow on during normal everyday use!

The Quick Mount Plow Cart is also great for Service Mechanics that need to remove a plow before doing mechanical work on a truck!

The lightweight cart is easy to assemble,
easy to store, and easy to take with you
wherever you may need it.